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We have ideal packaging models that will help to improve the pre-cooling and freezing times of your products, preserving their quality. Frozen products can be kept for relatively long periods of time.

OIn food freezing, as currently used for fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood, poultry and meat, all metabolic activity is completely and irreversibly paralyzed.

Greater benefit in cooling times compared to cardboard

In the plastic box, it takes 48 hours for the meat to reach a temperature of -18°C, while in the cardboard box it takes 120 hours to reach the same temperature.

Our boxes are specially

Designed to withstand the entire cold chain process during packaging.


Our boxes are made with thermoplastic materials and are food grade, stowable and nestable.
They are engineered to improve food cooling and freezing times.



Reduction in packaging waste.


Greater resistance to humidity processes.


Optimizes cooling and freezing times.


Higher load capacity.

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Freezing your products

It keeps its nutrients since its natural evolution process is stopped, enzymatic reactions are slowed down and it takes longer to degrade.